Search Engine Optimization could be hard. It does not matter what your level of expertise is, but it could even be worse if you are a noob in the SEO world. Don’t you worry, we have you covered. In this guide you’ll find the top 5 SEO tools used by the experts.

There’s no need pointing out why SEO has become a difficult task. Today, every business has one objective, and that’s getting as close to the top of the search engine results with every possible search query.

The difficulty is further complicated by the constant revisions and reviews of the Google algorithm. New techniques and technology are being employed to shine a light on just the content found worthy for the users.

To give you an edge, we’ve done some asking around from established SEO experts to know the tools giving them the edge. Which is why we have arrived at just 5 of such SEO tools.

1. SEO Tool: Moz SEO Software – All Round SEO Tool

If there’s any SEO tool that has stayed relevant and useful despite the incessant google changes, it’s Moz.
Moz is not just any SEO tool; it’s a powerhouse with numerous features. All the essential features needed to have an insight into a website and carrying out improvements. Through Moz, you can rank every page of your website.

2. Ahrefs – Largest Backlinks Database

It’s not on our list because of its popularity in the SEO communities, but because it can compete with Google on many fronts, especially web crawling.
If you are starting out, Ahrefs will help you based on what your competitors are up to and how you can beat them at their game. What’s the most linked content in your niche? Ahrefs will point you to it and tell you why.

SEO experts are taking advantage of the vast backlinks database of Ahrefs to boost the fortune of websites.

3. KWFinder – Detailed Long Tail Keyword Search

This SEO tool may not compete at the level of Ahrefs and Moz, but it’s a king when it comes to adhoc keyword searches.

And of course, keyword search is at the heart of SEO. KWFinder provides an excellent keyword list and functionalities than many SEO tools out there. If you are targeting long-tail keywords with little or competition, KWFinder is what you need.
The detailed nature of KWFinder in keywords suggestion is a goldmine for every SEO expert.

4. Answer The Public – Free SEO Topic Suggestions

If you have a new website and you require SEO inclined topics, this free SEO tool is your best option.

AnswerThePublic avails you a list of questions and search queries, upon which you can build content for your websites and blogs. It’s like knowing what people are in search of and giving it to them.

This tool provides invaluable insights into the needs of your niche.

5. Google Trends – Periodical and Geographical SEO Tool

Google Trends is not in any way new but has not been used to its full potential.

At every stage of your business growth, your SEO strategy may need to change, and you will know when it’s time for this change using Google Trends.
Google Trend provides you insights based on country, interest, and period. This can be used to your full advantage for seasonal content.

Final Thoughts

No SEO tool can do it all. Which is why we are recommending a combination of tools. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, which is why you will always need more than SEO tools. When working on your SEO game, make sure to not do the biggest SEO mistakes.