Getting more traffic from google means understanding how keyword research works as well as what your audience is interested in. And, that’s where the Google Keyword Planner comes in.

Google decided to remove the free exact keyword search volumes function and replace it with a vague range. So, a lot of people have sought alternatives. What most people don’t know is that you can get the exact keyword search volume at a price. Simply run an AdWords campaign

The truth is that while there are other SEO tools, no other tool can match the insight provided by Google Keyword Planner because it was developed by Google and for that exact reason. It stands to reason that it is directly linked to all the search info.

Using Google Keyword Planner

Whether you work for a local digital marketing agency, or you’re a DIY kind of person, the first thing you need to understand is that a google keyword planner is a free tool. Access to this tool only requires a google account. However, you may be asked to set up an AdWords campaign.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by clicking the smaller “experienced with Goole Ads?” button when asked what your main advertising goal is. If your browser window is not wide enough, you will be unable to see this link, so ensure you are in full-screen mode for this part. 

The next screen will display a list of campaign types. Again, click on the small “create an account without a campaign” button. Then click “submit” Once you confirm, you should be able to see the “EXPLORE YOUR ACCOUNT” button, click it and then click the “Tools” link to switch to expert mode. Once done, you will see the link to the keyword planner when you click “Tools” again. 

Using the Google Keyword planner involves two options, you can either “Find Keywords” or “Get search volumes and forecasts”. 

If you select the “Find Keywords” option, you would be able to discover new keywords by entering words and phrases related to your website. 

Google Keyword planner will produce a list of keywords as well as information like Average monthly searches, competition, Top of page bid (low range and high range). The tool works for up to ten keywords and phrases at once.

Want Even More Accuracy?

Another trick is to enter the URL of your website along with the ten keywords/phrases. Google will show a few thousand keyword suggestions for your search, however, other tools may show more, but why would you want 100,000 suggestions in the first place?

If you opt for “Get search volume and forecasts” that implies that you already have a list of keywords and phrases you would like to work with. The search volume and forecast option allow you to see metrics for keywords that you have selected.

Simply paste the keywords into the text field and click “Get started” The forecasts section contains no keywords, all it shows you are the estimated number of clicks and impressions you can hope to get for your chosen keywords if you do decide to run an AdWord campaign. In addition, you will also be provided with the CTR, CPC and estimated costs.

You can also use the “Historical Metrics” tab to view 12-month average search volumes for the keywords you used. 

Google keyword planner is a great tool capable of helping you rank your website significantly if properly used.

Remember that when working on your website’s SEO, it could take months to see results, don’t give up and stay persistant.