How to View Your Website’s Traffic Statistics

How to View Your Website’s Traffic Statistics

Do you own or run a website? It is important to know just how much of a reach your site has, as well as the statistics. It is important to keep a watchful eye on the statistics so as to know when the traffic reduces. Monitoring your traffic stats also helps you to know what posts or content pulls in more traffic and which ones do not.

If you want information about the number of visits your site gets, as well as the location of your audience, you need to install google analytics. Google Analytics also helps to know if your website is mobile-friendly as well as what websites your traffic comes from.

Using Google Analytics can also help to determine what marketing tactics result in more traffic as well as the most popular pages on your website. In addition to this, you can also use Google Analytics to determine your conversion rate as well as their locations as well as the page that made the conversion. You can also improve the speed of your website and find out what content your audience likes the most.

Obviously, Google Analytics is a very useful and important SEO tool for your website, but how do can you use it?

Installing Google Analytics.

In order to be able to fully utilize the Google Analytics tool, you would first need to set up a google analytics account. Having a pre-existing Google account means you only need to set up google analytics using your account. However, if you do not have a google account, you would need to create a new one.

Once you have your Google account, you can proceed to Google analytics to sign in. Note that once you sign in, you would need to complete three steps in order to set up your Google analytics.

Simply fill out the information about your website as well as the things you would like to track.

Google Analytics Accounts

If you have only one website, you only need one google analytics account. However, if you need to add a new website, you will be required to open a new Google Analytics account. Note that you can have as much as 50 websites under your Google Analytics account, however, you should keep your business websites separate from your personal websites, hence the need for two google analytics accounts. You can also have as many as 100 Google Analytics accounts under one Google account. So, you can separate websites as you see fit.

If for some reason, you want to change the way you have arranged your websites, you cannot move a website from one Google Analytics account to another, hence you should think carefully about how you want your sites organized. If, however, you still need to change it, you would need to set up the website under a new account and forfeit all historical data collected.

Using Google Analytics

Once you have completed your Google analytics accounts set up, you would need to get your tracking ID which you will use to track all pages you want to track. Install your tracking ID on every page you want to track. The type of website you have determines how you would install your tracking ID.

For instance, the WordPress website with the genesis framework has specific areas for header and footer scripts. You can also use Google Analytics by Yoast plugin to easily install your tracking ID on all WordPress websites.

Html websites will require you to add the tracking code before the </head> tag on all the pages you wish to track.

For Shopify stores, simply go to your online store settings, and paste your tracking code in the appropriate field.

Tumblr blogs can be tracked by going to the edit theme option at the top right of the blog, from there, the Google Analytics ID can be entered.

If your website doesn’t fall into any of the categories mentioned above, simply perform a web search on how to install google analytics on your platform.

After the installation of google analytics, you can then set your goals as well as site searches. Once that is done, you can view your data in 24 hours.